Step Change: How COVID-19 is forcing brands to adapt

May 07, 2020

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Design & Strategy Director

We have identified three key trends among business leaders right now, which are:

  1. A JFDI attitude
  2. The rapid adjustment to the ‘new normal’ for consumers
  3. How brands are responding in terms of service, product and utility

We held an online discussion with leaders in the health, education, travel and retail sectors. In this first session we welcomed:

  • Wall Street English - Ivan Croxford, Marketing Director
  • Bayer: Malik Akhtar, VP Marketing Procurement
  • Culture Trip: Ana Jakimovska, Chief Product Officer
  • Levi's: Mark Stevens, VP IT Europe & Global Wholesale

We explored some of the following issues:

  • Cultural and behavioural changes within organisations (beyond working remotely)
  • Adapting successfully in such a high stakes environment
  • Going beyond comms to continue to deliver service, product and experience to customers
  • How brands think their use cases, customer journeys and even target audiences might change for good

Click to watch the discussion hosted by Michael Dingle, our Design & Strategy Director