Case study - GAP

Turning Gap

The problem

Store design simplified

Style and innovation are central to The Gap Inc’s DNA. As a global business, delivering consistent customer experiences efficiently created challenges for local teams and central management.Reason worked with Gap’s franchise business teams to deliver an interface for managing in-store brand experience across over 3000 stores, in over 220 different countries.

Reason did

Sometimes the customer is your own team.

Gap store employees had expressed the need for a simple system to understand the latest visual merchandising direction in the context of their own stores. This would help them display new clothes and their marketing collateral on the shop floor as fast as possible for customers to purchase.
Gap’s central teams wanted to bring agility, collaboration and transparency to the communication of seasonal merchandising plans and store layouts for stores globally. Equally, they wanted feedback and insights into how different displays impacted sales to inform and improve future plans.

The customer is always right.

Teaming up with store staff and the Gap global team, we designed a service transforming visual merchandising from a paper-based system with little two-way interactivity to a responsive platform. It allowed dialogue between local teams and the global creative directors, reducing rollout times of seasonal visual merchandising plans from hours to minutes.
Using intuitive designs, we created an instinctive, easy to use app that required little training and could be used across all markets.Reason created the mission-critical platform in partnership with Gap’s in-house digital product team, sharing knowledge to give Gap the technology, design and delivery skills needed to support the app in use and transform their business.

“In early projects, we saw Reason’s ability to cut through Gap’s internal bureaucracy, to significantly accelerate our product launch process. Even in times of crisis they act decisively and with a transparency that engenders trust.”

mark stevens
product director

Saving time & looking good.

Since the launch of ‘MyStore’, the consistency of visual merchandising improved across all stores. The service, architected to allow both quick iteration and scalability to support a global rollout, delivers real-time data back to the global team. It is now possible to understand the impact of store designs at local, regional and national levels to inform strategic decision making.

After initial small-scale testing, we rapidly deployed MyStore across the entire portfolio of Gap Inc companies.

The outcome

A global store view in the palm of your hand.

  • MVP to market: 6 weeks, 5 stores
  • Reduced process from 4 hours to 1 hour
  • Partner roll out: 3 months, 100 stores for 5 franchise partners
  • Full rollout: 6 months, 400+ stores, in 40 Countries
  • Franchise and phased corporate rollout: 12 months, 3000+ stores in 220+ countries and regions


Time Saved. Process Reduced from 4 hrs to 1 hr

6 weeks

to Minimum Viable Product


Stores globally within 12 months

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