March 28, 2023

Applied AI in the products we build

Join us as we provide an overview of the key takeaways, unveiling the exciting content that unfolded during this enlightening session.

The realm of artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving at a rapid pace, reshaping industries and revolutionizing business processes. In a recent insightful session, we explored the extraordinary applications of AI and its profound impact on both internal operations and client solutions.

Transforming Business Processes: A Glimpse into the Future

The session commenced by delving into the internal perspective of AI implementation within our organization. It shed light on the remarkable potential of AI to transform various aspects of our business processes, ranging from software development and delivery management to content strategies and team operations. By harnessing AI tools and methodologies, we can revolutionize the way we work, embracing new approaches that transcend traditional methods.

Assisting Clients with AI Adoption: Empowering Their Journey

The session further explored the external application of AI and how we can support our clients in their AI adoption journey. We discussed the significance of Generative AI and its integration into the products and services we build for our clients. The session emphasized the value of AI-driven solutions and the role they play in helping our clients achieve their goals. We highlighted the importance of validating AI solutions to ensure their effectiveness and showcase the benefits they can bring to our client's businesses.

Upcoming Sessions: Expanding the AI Horizon

During the session, we provided a glimpse into the exciting topics that will be covered in our upcoming sessions, catering to the interests and needs of the participants. These sessions are designed to deepen our understanding and broaden our knowledge of AI. Here's a preview of what's to come:

  1. Prompt Engineering (June 1st): Delve into the art of crafting AI prompts to elicit accurate and high-quality responses. Discover the significance of prompt engineering beyond conventional tools, such as Touch BT, and unlock the potential for achieving optimal AI outcomes.
  2. Ethics and Data Protection in AI (June 15): Explore the critical aspects of ethics and data protection in the realm of AI. Gain insights into mitigating risks and unintended consequences associated with AI usage while implementing robust data protection measures to safeguard sensitive information.
  3. AI Tooling (29th June): Uncover a range of AI tools and platforms available for external AI applications. Get acquainted with industry standards like LanguagChain, Pine, Vector DB, and Hugging Face, and delve into their functionalities and diverse applications. Additionally, we will explore alternative options to Chat GPT, expanding your knowledge of the AI landscape.

Harnessing the Potential of AI: A Glimpse into the Future

The session concluded with captivating demos of two remarkable AI projects. The first demo showcased the power of conversational interfaces, revealing how AI can automate APIs and streamline user experiences. The second demo focused on fine-tuning and embedding, addressing challenges related to hallucinations and fake information generated by large language models. Moreover, we discussed AI automation of human tasks and the significance of data protection in internal AI models, offering a glimpse into the invaluable solutions we can provide to our clients.

As an AI company committed to innovation, knowledge sharing, and empowering our clients and teams, these Lunch and Learn sessions serve as a platform for unlocking the true potential of AI. Join us as we journey together, shaping a future powered by intelligent technologies.

Stay tuned for our upcoming sessions and feel free to share your suggestions or express your interest in participating. Let's embrace the transformative capabilities of AI and embark on a remarkable future where intelligent technologies thrive.

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